“What’s your budget?”

While we ask a lot of questions, no question stumps clients quite like this one.

No. Giving us a budget won’t increase the cost of your project.

There’s something about the “b” word that causes us to put up our negotiation walls. “If I tell them how much I am willing to spend, that’s how much I’m going to pay” races to our mind. Right?

We want to assure you that a $3000 project won’t magically become $8000, just because you mentioned you have an $8000 budget.

It will however allow us to best allocate resources to get you the best result your money can buy.

A Budget Tells Us When to Stop

Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to continue working on your project for the next 8 years. The tweaks, additions and modifications would make it out of this world.

However, most companies (ours included) don’t have the money trees growing in the courtyard to pay for a never-ending campaign. A well-defined budget allows us to allocate the appropriate amount of resources to your project to ensure it gets done on time AND on budget.