Build Your Storytelling System

Eliminate confusion and frustration from your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts by following a step-by-step system to identify, craft, and share your brand story.

Phase One: Script Development

In Phase One, we’ll focus on the characters that will be playing the leading and supporting roles in your brand story.


1.1 Origin Story

Capturing the story of why your organization exists provides insights that will be used throughout your marketing efforts.

1.2 Target Audience

The target audience will be the hero of your campaigns, so uncovering their desires, fears, and shared traits will provide great insight later on in the campaign development process.


Identification of other internal & external stakeholders that will play a role in your brand story or who might be interested parties.

1.4 Transformation

Ultimately, it’s the transformation from their current state to a desired future state that your target audience seeks from you. This is the backbone of your brand storytelling.

Phase Two: Set Design

With essential characters identified, we’ll shift focus towards designing (or refining) a set that will bring the stories to life.

2.1 Brand Style Guide

Creating a brand style guide will ensure consistency in the presentation of your brand and speeds up the design process.

Phase Three

It’s now time to build the main theatre the audience will use to take in your brand story.


3.1 One-Page Website

Quickly bring your updated messaging and image to market with a one-page website.

3.2 Email List

Platforms will come and go, which is why building your email list is essential.

3.3 Lead Magnet

Develop a resource, guide, or giveaway to use on your website to build trust & support email list growth.