Our Process

What’s it going to be like working with us? It’s sorta like dating…


Like first dates, you’ll tell us all about yourself. Backgrounds, likes and dislikes, dreams and fears are a few of the things we’ll chat about.


  • chat with stakeholders
  • identify needs & goals
  • gather background info
  • create project timeline
  • establish preliminary budget


After a few dates, it’s time to see what the future holds. You’ll see our vision of what would look like in sketches and storyboards.


  • product ideas presented
  • design ideas sketched out
  • overall strategy suggested
  • proposal is finalized


Proposal accepted, it’s time to finalize the details. Everything needed to make the big day a success is planned and brought to life.


  • finalize product details
  • finalize design
  • produce goods


The big day is here, it’s time to show the world.


  • items delivered
  • results tracked
  • plans made for future development


Please add as much info as you have and we’ll get started!