Website Design & Development

Build a home to feature your organization.

We’ll help you develop a website that meets organizational goals and delivers key information that your target audience comes looking to find.

Our Approach

We want to help you get your website up and running as soon as possible, then enhance it over time.

1. One Page Starter

One page websites are a great way to showcase your organization. By reducing complexity, you’ll be able to bring your new website to life faster and with more focused messaging.

2. Add Features as Needed

Have a feature you know you want to add from the start? Great! Want to wait and add it down the line? No problem! We’ll help you identify what is needed vs nice to have.

Checklist of Things You’ll Need to Get Started…

Here are the things you’ll need to get started on your new website. Don’t worry, we’ll help guide you through the process and can help you get anything you might be missing.


  • 1 Page Brand Guide
  • Target Audience Profile(s)
  • Organizational Offer(s)
  • Hosting Account
  • Domain Name

Additional Pages & Sections


Highlight the history of your organization as well as team members.

Products & Services

Expand on your key product & service offerings with dedicated pages.

News & Updates

Create your news blog to provide updates that will keep website content fresh.

Website Enhancements


Adding to & revising the messaging of your website.

Design Accents

Subtle design accents can help highlight your content and creates a polished look.

SEO Optimization

Identifying keywords & phrases to increase your search engine rankings.

Site Navigation

Helping visitors get to the information they seek quickly and easily.


Reviewing web traffic to identify what’s working and not working on your website.


Ensuring your website is meeting the legal requirements for privacy & accessibility.


Adding animation to text and graphics can bring your static website to life.

Social Activity

Highlight your social activity to gain more likes and followers on your accounts.

Customized Icons

Icons are great for quickly communicating and guiding web visitors.


Convert visitors into sales funnel prospects by collecting data.


Take full advantage of automation opportunities in your sales process.


Keep your site running at its best by keeping software up to date.


Protect your website from hackers and bots.


Sleep well knowing that regular backups are automatically being conducted.

Email Marketing

Grow your email makreting list with optin forms across your website.

Layout Changes

Shift visitor attention by adjusting the layout of your content.


Adding frequently asked questions as either a section or standalone page.

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